Monday, January 14, 2019

wedding dresses and then launches one of the most popular

Trend country with decorations inspired by nature
The wave of coutry chic weddings has also permeated the beauty salons. It is impossible not to notice the unstoppable rise of the wedding themes inspired by nature and the countryside, so much so as to influence the choice of the location, the decorations and the original wedding favors. In 2018, even the looks are dressed in a beauty more and more oriented to the rustic, already starting from the disheveled hairstyles and enriched with themed accessories, where among all the small circles that recall the trend of the hoop bouquet, the jeweled crowns foliage theme and the ears of metal grain that reflect the idea of the country bouquet.
Pixie cuts for the most revolutionary brides

Do not forget that not all girls love to feel ethereal and romantic princesses; for them the 2018 reserve a beautiful choice of simple, slippery and not bulky wedding dresses and then launches one of the most popular cuts of the moment: the pixie cut. In short, this "elf" trend embraces both the classic bob or bob and the short and unkempt cut; in the most classic version, the scaled cut is gradually extending to the sides of the head but there are also versions revisited in a more sexy key with fringe, tuft, with disheveled or geometric-shaped strands and is also perfect on wavy and smooth hair.

You can leave it so natural or embellish it with the choice of the right accessories for a final touch of real divas between veils and jeweled crowns.
Finally, what completes the bridal look? Yes, we are talking about him blue prom dresses, the wedding makeup, because it is impossible to separate makeup and wigs in a clear and clear. Tuft, fringe blue and pink bridesmaid dresses, cut, colors but also shades and reflexes will be the necessary elements on which to confront you not only with your hair stylist but also with your make up artist in search of perfect shades, palettes, shades and light effects, even with a very simple natural wedding makeup.

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