Monday, January 7, 2019

the style of the bride's dress and bouquet of flowers

Wedding in the open air? You should know that for this type of ceremony there are a sea of options not only for the choice of a beautiful spring or summer wedding dress, but also for the numerous possibilities of decorating outdoor spaces. From a fascinating fil rouge between the flowers of the wedding bouquet and those of the banquet, to an enchanting combination of lights in every corner of the reception. Come and discover with us all the ways to do it!
Depending on the location
First of all it is necessary to consider that the decoration of the spaces will have to be elaborated in harmony with the type of ceremony and the place in which it will be celebrated; for example, a location with a sea view, a beach or a rural setting. There are places that lend themselves more to one type of ornament than others long evening dresses cheap, as a classic location will want sobriety and discretion, a farmhouse will lend itself instead to the lush colors typical of the world of nature. It is important in any case that the decorative elements always follow the style of the bride's dress and bouquet of flowers.

Sea or country?
If the wedding takes place in the countryside it will be possible to embellish the tree-lined paths with jars of flowers prom dresses la femme, ears, jute ribbons; it is possible to derive from nature an ideal background for the tableau de mariage, placing for example the escort cards on the branches of a plant.

If you are passionate about everything that has characterized the past eras, you can adorn the spaces with vintage bicycles, rough wooden pallets and signs; also the wedding banquet can be set up with original nature-themed wedding place cards, a rustic mise en place and floral centerpieces with candles.

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