Thursday, January 24, 2019

the wedding dress will certainly not fall from the sky

Back necklace
If the 2018 wedding dress you are planning to wear at your wedding will be a sexy and daring backless, you will absolutely have to enhance it with a beautiful back necklace. Do not you know what it is? Take a look at the one signed Eglantine Créations, composed of a long thin chain interspersed with small pearls. It is a truly chic accessory, which will follow your movements in a sinuous way throughout the day and will make you very sensual, but without being vulgar.

A touch of blue
Perhaps you already know it, but we remember it anyway: blue is the lucky color of brides, as well as being part of the traditions linked to marriage. Even if you are not superstitious, wearing a particular of this shade on the day of your wedding certainly will not hurt and, indeed, will make everything more interesting.

Admire, for example, this eccentric ring of Hannibal Laguna, perfect for creative brides. If you have the eyes of the sky, every time you bring your hands to the face the stones of this jewel will approach your wedding makeup for blue eyes and your interlocutor can not help but be amazed.
Did you like these proposals? Of course on our portal you will find many others, so many that you will spend whole afternoons in front of all that beauty with the embarrassment of choice. Quiet backless lace wedding dresses, you are not wasting your time: every decision, whether it be fashion or wedding, requires a priori important research work, because the wedding dress will certainly not fall from the sky (at most from the hands of your mother Sex Prom Dresses, if you want to let her pass on her!).

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