Monday, January 21, 2019

this flower to adorn a semi-accepted wedding hairstyle

The flower of the story: the Daisy

One of the first flowers that are taught to love, to draw and to recognize in fairy tales is precisely Margherita: so small and delicate white cocktail dress, it is the flower that accompanies and caresses our daily life since childhood. Many choose this flower to adorn a semi-accepted wedding hairstyle with a slightly bucolic charm. In the language of flowers mother of the bride clothing, the Daisy symbolizes truth, purity and youthful innocence also given by its delicate and modest appearance.
The flower of a thousand colors: the Tulip

It is one of the first flowers to bloom in spring and for this reason it has become the perfect symbol of this season, which brings with it an incredible wave of color and liveliness. It is the emblem of true love and was once also considered the flower symbol of wealth and power because it is used by the sultans in their feasts. Depending on the nuances, the Tulip changes its meaning.
It is impossible to speak of a single meaning because the Rose is not only the flower chosen mainly to compose the bouquet of flowers but it is the favorite flower to communicate a message. La Rosa has always been associated with love in the broadest sense: in mythology, in tarot, in Renaissance and in Masonic symbology, but we discover even more its eclectic meanings.
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Known precisely with this meaning, the Hydrangea more than a flower is an inflorescence or a set of tiny and delicate little flowers united to form a florid and rich corolla in its many pastel shades. It is a flower that is given to wish recovery and trust after a difficult period while in the love sphere, the Hydrangea represents the birth of a love or the return of an old feeling.

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