Thursday, December 27, 2018

in perfect harmony with your friend's vintage wedding dress

The same outfit could be appropriate for a wedding in the pool that, besides being extremely funny, are always very original. Break the rules then, and leave home the rigidity of certain women's formal wear: your evening dress will have to be comfortable to pull off lace prom dresses, to show off your swimsuit at the right time!
"The Roaring Weddings"
We know, it was a long time since you dreamed of diving into another era to reemerge fully dressed in a fabulous Charleston style dress, in perfect harmony with your friend's vintage wedding dress. On the other hand, the past has an extraordinary charm, which is reflected in architecture as in fashion: perhaps you have been invited into an enchanting period villa, where you can sip Champagne surrounded by ancient frescoes; or you'll find yourself on a terrace of an elegant hotel with minimalist design.

Whether the style of the wedding is inspired by the seventeenth-century noble estates or the unleashed eighties, always bear in mind that it is an evening wedding mint green bridesmaid, so no caps and pastel colors, but yes to a black dress that designs the silhouette. This garment is so versatile that, depending on the accessories and the combing that you will approach, it will make you travel in the various decades of the twentieth century with a simple comb stroke.

Let's party! Even when it's cold ...
What better excuse than an evening wedding to give vent to your unbridled passion for spangles? Gold, silver, sequins, glitter and glitter: everything is permitted if you know how to choose with taste. In the winter, you can wear soft furs over your sparkling evening dresses to stay warm and still feel like an episode of Sex and the City.

Monday, December 24, 2018

while the short wedding dresses are also preferred

We know that you have managed to handle the issue of heights with ceremonial clothes during the wedding of friends and relatives as we know that many, in the face of your discomfort, have told you that things to think about are different, maybe the sentences for marriage exchanged on the altar but if you feel you have to take some small tricks, we leave you to this article. We have put the bride's tricks on white and even a few tips on the men's wedding dress.
1. The shoes that make the difference

Without turning too much on the subject prom dresses, the first little trick is to use elegant shoes that focus on inspiration and style, a little 'less on the height of the heel. Fortunately, today the world of wedding shoes is open to many alternatives: from sandals without heels to ballerinas to finish with elegant sneakers and total white. Choose them completely on the ground or with a little 'upside, just the essential that can serve to give you that sinuous and feminine gait.

2. Dress in the right way
Once you have placed your feet, go to the head: the hairstyle can make the difference and not by way of speaking. The tall chignon short cocktail dresses 2019, especially if voluminous, will do nothing but give you still centimeters in height; what you should prefer are bridal hairstyles for loose hair or at most semi-matted and lateral hair.

3. The dress that's right for you
It is not a golden rule but we can assure you that there are lines and patterns that create an optical effect that is favorable to your case. For example: avoid the mermaid model because it would further increase your figure while the short wedding dresses are also preferred, even in the style of the Fifties, preferably with a balloon skirt.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The romantic and precious style of the princess dresses

Take flight, get up at high altitude and land in a new dream space. This is the concept of the 2019 collection by Atelier Emé, where space is left to the fluctuating beauty of romantic wedding dresses suspended between the hot air balloons and the Cappadocia fairy chimneys that are the background to this ethereal collection.
The unmistakable excellence

Every single model of the Atelier Emé 2019 line is the exaltation of pure femininity. Raffaella Fusetti, Creative Director of the brand, opted for models designed for a modern woman a line organza wedding dress, who loves classicism but does not renounce contemporary savoir-faire. Different moods ranging from boho-chic to minimal, to extreme elegance worthy of a princess look.

Atelier Emé

Each of these dresses was born to satisfy the requests of all the women who are looking for a high-end sartorial garment. The added value is given by the ability to customize clothes purple and blue bridesmaid dresses, allowing you to give free rein to your creativity. This is how a dress of style and grace comes to life, destined to last in time for its uniqueness.
Dresses for every personality

The romantic and precious style of the princess dresses is reflected in the wide skirts of hand-worked tulle or in silk diamantines with precious thread embroidery juxtaposed with illusioned bodices that give a regal charm to whoever wears them.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

The ideal would be long formal dresses for the guests

Who coordinates the various movements?
Make sure that there is a maître or a room manager who will guide you and your guests in all the necessary movements at various times of the day, such as moving from the aperitif area to that of lunch or dinner; go out for the moment of the cake cut and maybe sit in a corner for the final greetings and the original wedding favors.

Being able to dispel all the doubts and questions during the last appointment in the location is an important achievement in view of the wedding; in this way, in fact you can fully enjoy the moment of the banquet when, after having pronounced the famous phrases for marriage, you will finally be ready to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the event. One last tip: if you think you can not manage all the information irish green bridesmaid dresses, ask a parent or a witness to accompany you during this appointment so as to share the indications and technical details.
Mix of lights
Lighting up these areas is essential as long as you do it by adapting to the specific characteristics of the lounge spaces. The candles are the master in both the tealighit version and in the form of torches and lanterns; also designed lighting with chains of light bulbs or small lights in the green (if the layout is laid out in a meadow).
Look advice

The lounge style lace wedding dress with sash, although very relaxing, still provides a certain dress code to follow. The ideal would be long formal dresses for the guests and elegant dark-colored suits for men.

The lounge area is certainly the ideal place to take refuge at the end of the ceremony when you too will be free to enjoy a few moments of quiet and silence before the final greetings.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

each dress has meticulous floral applications and princely

Dresses for the interpreter of a romantic fairy tale
Lace seduction and plays of transparencies but also soft and slippery lines: each dress has meticulous floral applications and princely embroidery, there are also clouds of tulle with important aftermaths that lend themselves perfectly to a magnificent interpretation of a romantic fairy tale.
These are just some of the details that are highlighted among the wonderful creations designed for brides next year.
Carlo Pignatelli
And yet, strictly couture cuts that celebrate femininity with essential lines illuminated by precious inserts along bodices that find their stopping point on skirts with dizzying slits that leave the sensual look and sensuality of the body shapes to the gentle gaze of others.

Carlo Pignatelli

Witness of a dream with charm and elegance

Seeing their friends crowning their dream of love is a unique emotion. For this reason, the fashion house Pignatelli has paid particular attention to the dress of the witnesses and guests wedding dresses plus size cheap, creating garments made with care and passion that enhance the lines of the body in a sophisticated manner.

Carlo Pignatelli
In the magic of a party in a unique setting the reality will be more intense thanks to the elegance of memorable clothes: classic jackets and brocade fabric for the man who loves to show his extravagant personality best prom dress, accompanied by the invitation for the guest in shades that they know how to excite and amaze.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

who decide to make do-it-yourself wedding invitations

There are innumerable decorations to be customized for the wedding; some require a major investment while others can be realized with a small expense and a touch of fantasy. Today we will talk about the personalized stamps useful to decorate the wedding invitations but also the details of the event such as the guestbook or the wedding place cards. At the end of the article you will also find some useful information to understand who can help you realize this beautiful idea.

A do-it-yourself invitation

There are now numerous married couples who decide to make do-it-yourself wedding invitations; the personalization of the decorations is always a point in favor that completes a picture made of designed creations and objects positioned in a workmanlike manner. The idea of personalized stamps has outdone the lacquer wax fashion, thus becoming an appealing and fresh option also for married couples who want to "regenerate" their holdings with a decidedly less classical decoration. Use them for the envelope header, for your names ruby red bridesmaid dresses, for the logo of your event or for the wedding date.
To all personalization
If the mood is to personalize as much as possible then let the stamps become the perfect accessory with which guests can have fun personalizing the guestbook or scrapbooking. Both ideas arise from the creation of a special corner where the guests are called to leave a message pink chiffon bridesmaid dress, a dedication, a love phrase or a polaroid. Here is nothing more beautiful than the possibility of livening up these pages with personalized wedding stamps, be they your names, date or even your faces.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Bridal week and we found them on the silk dresses

Games of transparencies and brilliant decorations for Inbal Dror, who presented short dresses in the dance style of the debutants, models composed of peplum jackets and long skirts with central slit and others in ivory with degradé silver crystals.
The flakes were among the protagonists of this New York Bridal week and we found them on the silk dresses of Tadashi Shoij and those of Viktor & Rolf. If you are looking for a wedding dress 2018 must have know that the one with the trousers is absolutely to be preferred. Apart from the classic suit, the Maison offer different suits, simple or in tulle with lace embroidery or bright applications, including the creations of Reem Acra.

Dressed with colored embroidery are those that we find among the proposals of Carolina Herrera, the designer Zuhair Murad always surprises with his games mesh tattoo while Pronovias has signed a fluid and light line enriched with numerous inserts of crystals.

Among the most interesting proposals of the bridal panorama for spring 2018, there are them: the two-piece or "broken" wedding dresses.
There are many variations for the season: skirts, wide or sheath dress, crop tops, lace blouses and even more traditional bustiers. It is not necessary to show the belly plus size black cocktail dress, indeed, far from us to convince you that these suits point precisely on that.

The mood that perfectly describes this type of wedding creation is, for most of the proposals we want to show you, bohemian and romantic (with a bit of innovation).

There are ruffles buy evening dresses, lace, large volumes and light fabrics that move gently. Did we intrigue you? So do not miss the best models of 2018!