Tuesday, January 29, 2019

free from the formalities of wedding publications

The colors of the beaches of Tahiti
The island of Tahiti is known for being full of thousand-toned beaches. You can meet white beaches, ideal destinations for tourists and surfers dark green bridesmaid dress, such as the famous beaches of Maui and Tehaupoo. It will not be difficult even to be amazed by black beaches, like Punta di Venere and Taharuu beach. But it will certainly be sensational to find yourself in beaches of other colors and shapes wedding prom dresses, visiting the neighboring islands in Tahiti, accessible by excursions and flights. No makeup, here. Not even the lightest natural wedding makeup you wore a few hours ago: only sun and sea!
Nearby islands, not to be missed

The islands near Tahiti, with attractions and above all sensational beaches, are certainly the island of Tahaa composed of three spectacular valleys and a jagged coastline with deep bays, in whose wider passages the blue dolphins play. Then you can not miss a visit to Bora Bora, the "pearl of Polynesia" where you will have the opportunity to take long swims, diving and snorkelling in fairytale waters.

You can also put on the list a visit to Tuamotu to discover the mysterious sea floor. Visiting Nuku Hiva, in the Marquesas Islands, meet impressive waterfalls. Also in the Marquesas you can enter the Atuona cemetery at Hiva Oa, where Paul Gaugin and Jacques Brel rest together.

After this journey, it will seem like a century since you cut the cake, delivered the wedding favors, thrilling you and embracing your loved ones and you will feel savage and free from the formalities of wedding publications and ritual wedding invitations. And yet, you are always you, always together and today really forever, officially.

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