Tuesday, February 12, 2019

If you have already bought a winter wedding dress

How many requests for weddings?
According to Rosy's experience, in 2018 the cake covered in sugar cake will still win, because it can be decorated with theme elements and because it is possible to make it even in "monumental" format, which can be done for a naked cake: too many floors would make it unstable the cake.
Even Mr. Luca confirms that traditional cake design is still the most popular, even if the advent of shabby chic style has led to a sharp increase in the demand for naked cakes, more and more frequent. (If this is the style chosen for your wedding, remember to make all the details consistent with it, right from your own wedding invitations).
Italian wedding

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One or more cakes?
As you can guess, everything will depend on the number of guests: how many wedding invitations have you sent? Rosy explains that if the guests are 70/80, a naked cake with 3 levels (about 60 cm) is sufficient, while if the guests are more , then it will be joined by another cake for the remaining portions. Arianna writes to us that normally only one is prepared, which will have different shape and size depending on the number of guests and the request of the spouses.
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Better only in a certain period of the year?

Rosy has no doubts: naked cake is always a good idea. If you have already bought a winter wedding dress, you can rest assured: for that period Le Torte di Giada proposes the red velvet naked cake, which with its red tones and its white creams creates a very appreciated Christmas atmosphere. Mr. Zarcone also claims that this is a very versatile cake , because it is possible to make it suitable for any period of the year. For example you can decorate it with autumn leaves and chestnuts, or with pine cones and oranges, flowers of the Christmas Star ... all made by hand, of course.