Tuesday, February 12, 2019

If you have already bought a winter wedding dress

How many requests for weddings?
According to Rosy's experience, in 2018 the cake covered in sugar cake will still win, because it can be decorated with theme elements and because it is possible to make it even in "monumental" format, which can be done for a naked cake: too many floors would make it unstable the cake.
Even Mr. Luca confirms that traditional cake design is still the most popular, even if the advent of shabby chic style has led to a sharp increase in the demand for naked cakes, more and more frequent. (If this is the style chosen for your wedding, remember to make all the details consistent with it, right from your own wedding invitations).
Italian wedding

A-Line Empire Waist Wide Straps Lace Court Train Wedding Dress
One or more cakes?
As you can guess, everything will depend on the number of guests: how many wedding invitations have you sent? Rosy explains that if the guests are 70/80, a naked cake with 3 levels (about 60 cm) is sufficient, while if the guests are more , then it will be joined by another cake for the remaining portions. Arianna writes to us that normally only one is prepared, which will have different shape and size depending on the number of guests and the request of the spouses.
Sleeveless Elastic Woven Satin A-Line Appliques Wedding Dress
Better only in a certain period of the year?

Rosy has no doubts: naked cake is always a good idea. If you have already bought a winter wedding dress, you can rest assured: for that period Le Torte di Giada proposes the red velvet naked cake, which with its red tones and its white creams creates a very appreciated Christmas atmosphere. Mr. Zarcone also claims that this is a very versatile cake , because it is possible to make it suitable for any period of the year. For example you can decorate it with autumn leaves and chestnuts, or with pine cones and oranges, flowers of the Christmas Star ... all made by hand, of course.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

free from the formalities of wedding publications

The colors of the beaches of Tahiti
The island of Tahiti is known for being full of thousand-toned beaches. You can meet white beaches, ideal destinations for tourists and surfers dark green bridesmaid dress, such as the famous beaches of Maui and Tehaupoo. It will not be difficult even to be amazed by black beaches, like Punta di Venere and Taharuu beach. But it will certainly be sensational to find yourself in beaches of other colors and shapes wedding prom dresses, visiting the neighboring islands in Tahiti, accessible by excursions and flights. No makeup, here. Not even the lightest natural wedding makeup you wore a few hours ago: only sun and sea!
Nearby islands, not to be missed

The islands near Tahiti, with attractions and above all sensational beaches, are certainly the island of Tahaa composed of three spectacular valleys and a jagged coastline with deep bays, in whose wider passages the blue dolphins play. Then you can not miss a visit to Bora Bora, the "pearl of Polynesia" where you will have the opportunity to take long swims, diving and snorkelling in fairytale waters.

You can also put on the list a visit to Tuamotu to discover the mysterious sea floor. Visiting Nuku Hiva, in the Marquesas Islands, meet impressive waterfalls. Also in the Marquesas you can enter the Atuona cemetery at Hiva Oa, where Paul Gaugin and Jacques Brel rest together.

After this journey, it will seem like a century since you cut the cake, delivered the wedding favors, thrilling you and embracing your loved ones and you will feel savage and free from the formalities of wedding publications and ritual wedding invitations. And yet, you are always you, always together and today really forever, officially.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

the wedding dress will certainly not fall from the sky

Back necklace
If the 2018 wedding dress you are planning to wear at your wedding will be a sexy and daring backless, you will absolutely have to enhance it with a beautiful back necklace. Do not you know what it is? Take a look at the one signed Eglantine Créations, composed of a long thin chain interspersed with small pearls. It is a truly chic accessory, which will follow your movements in a sinuous way throughout the day and will make you very sensual, but without being vulgar.

A touch of blue
Perhaps you already know it, but we remember it anyway: blue is the lucky color of brides, as well as being part of the traditions linked to marriage. Even if you are not superstitious, wearing a particular of this shade on the day of your wedding certainly will not hurt and, indeed, will make everything more interesting.

Admire, for example, this eccentric ring of Hannibal Laguna, perfect for creative brides. If you have the eyes of the sky, every time you bring your hands to the face the stones of this jewel will approach your wedding makeup for blue eyes and your interlocutor can not help but be amazed.
Did you like these proposals? Of course on our portal you will find many others, so many that you will spend whole afternoons in front of all that beauty with the embarrassment of choice. Quiet backless lace wedding dresses, you are not wasting your time: every decision, whether it be fashion or wedding, requires a priori important research work, because the wedding dress will certainly not fall from the sky (at most from the hands of your mother Sex Prom Dresses, if you want to let her pass on her!).

Monday, January 21, 2019

this flower to adorn a semi-accepted wedding hairstyle

The flower of the story: the Daisy

One of the first flowers that are taught to love, to draw and to recognize in fairy tales is precisely Margherita: so small and delicate white cocktail dress, it is the flower that accompanies and caresses our daily life since childhood. Many choose this flower to adorn a semi-accepted wedding hairstyle with a slightly bucolic charm. In the language of flowers mother of the bride clothing, the Daisy symbolizes truth, purity and youthful innocence also given by its delicate and modest appearance.
The flower of a thousand colors: the Tulip

It is one of the first flowers to bloom in spring and for this reason it has become the perfect symbol of this season, which brings with it an incredible wave of color and liveliness. It is the emblem of true love and was once also considered the flower symbol of wealth and power because it is used by the sultans in their feasts. Depending on the nuances, the Tulip changes its meaning.
It is impossible to speak of a single meaning because the Rose is not only the flower chosen mainly to compose the bouquet of flowers but it is the favorite flower to communicate a message. La Rosa has always been associated with love in the broadest sense: in mythology, in tarot, in Renaissance and in Masonic symbology, but we discover even more its eclectic meanings.
Livio Bargagli Stoffi photographs
Known precisely with this meaning, the Hydrangea more than a flower is an inflorescence or a set of tiny and delicate little flowers united to form a florid and rich corolla in its many pastel shades. It is a flower that is given to wish recovery and trust after a difficult period while in the love sphere, the Hydrangea represents the birth of a love or the return of an old feeling.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

the wedding decorations must be the same as the bride's

First, the inspection
Before making any decision regarding the quality of flowers to be purchased to decorate the church and the location of your wedding, try to make clear what are the spaces and corners that you would like to beautify. The only way to do this is through one or more inspections: try to ask yourself if it is a good idea to use the same flowers as your bouquet of peonies, or if it would be better to opt for less voluminous compositions. Take photos and show them to your trusted florist or, even better, take it with you to show them the environments.
Volume or numbers?

Did you know that choosing expensive flowers could save you money compared to buying cheaper types? Everything depends on the yield of a certain quality of flower, which is given by its volume. Larger volumes have a higher yield Beach Wedding Dresses, smaller volumes have a lower yield and will force you to buy higher quantities, with the consequence that the amount of your spending will increase. Once again, ask your trusted florist for advice ... your opinion will be of great help.
Choose colors

For furniture, as for clothing, the rule is the same: it is inadvisable to combine more than two colors. As for the flowers, we usually opt for white combined with another color and enhanced by the so-called "green" given by branches and leaves; without forgetting the fact that the shades chosen for the wedding decorations must be the same as the bride's bouquet of flowers.
Never exaggerate!

Finally, we remind you that excesses are never a good idea. Do not exaggerate with flowers, for at least two reasons: first of all for an economic question simple black bridesmaid dresses, would you really want to spend a large part of your budget for something that will last only a few days?

Monday, January 14, 2019

wedding dresses and then launches one of the most popular gillne.com

Trend country with decorations inspired by nature
The wave of coutry chic weddings has also permeated the beauty salons. It is impossible not to notice the unstoppable rise of the wedding themes inspired by nature and the countryside, so much so as to influence the choice of the location, the decorations and the original wedding favors. In 2018, even the looks are dressed in a beauty more and more oriented to the rustic, already starting from the disheveled hairstyles and enriched with themed accessories, where among all the small circles that recall the trend of the hoop bouquet, the jeweled crowns foliage theme and the ears of metal grain that reflect the idea of the country bouquet.
Pixie cuts for the most revolutionary brides

Do not forget that not all girls love to feel ethereal and romantic princesses; for them the 2018 reserve a beautiful choice of simple, slippery and not bulky wedding dresses and then launches one of the most popular cuts of the moment: the pixie cut. In short, this "elf" trend embraces both the classic bob or bob and the short and unkempt cut; in the most classic version, the scaled cut is gradually extending to the sides of the head but there are also versions revisited in a more sexy key with fringe, tuft, with disheveled or geometric-shaped strands and is also perfect on wavy and smooth hair.

You can leave it so natural or embellish it with the choice of the right accessories for a final touch of real divas between veils and jeweled crowns.
Finally, what completes the bridal look? Yes, we are talking about him blue prom dresses, the wedding makeup, because it is impossible to separate makeup and wigs in a clear and clear. Tuft, fringe blue and pink bridesmaid dresses, cut, colors but also shades and reflexes will be the necessary elements on which to confront you not only with your hair stylist but also with your make up artist in search of perfect shades, palettes, shades and light effects, even with a very simple natural wedding makeup.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

the wedding list or the search for wedding phrases

Pinterest and the wedding on the bulletin board

With pin and repin you can use the social Pinterest. Very popular abroad, this network is becoming a real encyclopedia full of contents, ideas and inspirations. Here you can archive photos in bulletin boards cataloged according to the topics and choose whether to make these bulletin boards visible or invisible to the rest of the community. Use it as a reminder to also store wedding placeholder ideas or floral arrangements; it will make you so useful that you can not do without it.
And to conclude your social wedding experience, we can not fail to mention the our app that will allow you to collect beautiful memories already starting from the sending of wedding invitations. You can download it for free on Google Play or Apple Store, configure yourself as a couple (or invited) and start customizing your Wedshoots using the various functions, creating folders, using filters, inviting friends evening cocktail dress, downloading albums and adding likes.
Today bridesmaid dresses in pink, marriage is increasingly social and thanks to the new digital tools you can really transform your reception into a moment of unique and original sharing, always respecting the rules of etiquette. Have fun exploring these tools without neglecting their usefulness in the organizational phase as the tools for managing wedding invitations rather than the organization of the tables, the wedding list or the search for wedding phrases.

And that's not all: today the real evolution of the photobooth is the custom snapchat filter with some online editing programs and of course with the colors and style of the wedding. The filter is a sort of frame that can be shared among the guests and applied to the photo and video in order to characterize and customize even more the shares of your big day.

Monday, January 7, 2019

the style of the bride's dress and bouquet of flowers

Wedding in the open air? You should know that for this type of ceremony there are a sea of options not only for the choice of a beautiful spring or summer wedding dress, but also for the numerous possibilities of decorating outdoor spaces. From a fascinating fil rouge between the flowers of the wedding bouquet and those of the banquet, to an enchanting combination of lights in every corner of the reception. Come and discover with us all the ways to do it!
Depending on the location
First of all it is necessary to consider that the decoration of the spaces will have to be elaborated in harmony with the type of ceremony and the place in which it will be celebrated; for example, a location with a sea view, a beach or a rural setting. There are places that lend themselves more to one type of ornament than others long evening dresses cheap, as a classic location will want sobriety and discretion, a farmhouse will lend itself instead to the lush colors typical of the world of nature. It is important in any case that the decorative elements always follow the style of the bride's dress and bouquet of flowers.

Sea or country?
If the wedding takes place in the countryside it will be possible to embellish the tree-lined paths with jars of flowers prom dresses la femme, ears, jute ribbons; it is possible to derive from nature an ideal background for the tableau de mariage, placing for example the escort cards on the branches of a plant.

If you are passionate about everything that has characterized the past eras, you can adorn the spaces with vintage bicycles, rough wooden pallets and signs; also the wedding banquet can be set up with original nature-themed wedding place cards, a rustic mise en place and floral centerpieces with candles.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Socks of Scotland matched to the shoe and to the dress gillne.com

What is good to ask suppliers?
Once you have chosen the place you will need to ask a series of questions to the owners or managers: what are the items included in the tariff? Tablecloths and covers are included in the price? And the decorations? Is there an animation service for children? Is the clothes compartment there? Is there the possibility of adorning the room with personalized fittings? Is it possible to set up an area dedicated to DIY wedding favors that I created for my loved ones? Is it allowed to host a band that performs live music or a console for a DJ? How are the lights? Are there any other marriages in the rooms next door?

It could seem like a real interrogation, but it is really essential to be sure that everything is proceeding in the right way and above all to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Salvatore Aiello photographs
When you have received a valid answer to all your questions about the location will mean that you have cleared up a little 'ideas and that you will already be at a good point, finally kick off sending the wedding invitations to all your guests , the planning of the dishes of the banquet and the choice of wedding favors that best match the mood of your wedding. Do you still have any doubts?
Be careful not to commit errors of ingenuity on the sock: on elegant clothes it is good to use Socks of Scotland lace up wedding dresses, matched to the shoe and to the dress; so avoid, at least on your wedding day, to use white cheap plus size mother of the bride dresses, low or extravagant socks (unless you are married in Converse). Opinions on the "health shirt" question are controversial: for some it is banned, for others it is a must have, even in the form of a bodice, to put under the shirt.