Thursday, January 17, 2019

the wedding decorations must be the same as the bride's

First, the inspection
Before making any decision regarding the quality of flowers to be purchased to decorate the church and the location of your wedding, try to make clear what are the spaces and corners that you would like to beautify. The only way to do this is through one or more inspections: try to ask yourself if it is a good idea to use the same flowers as your bouquet of peonies, or if it would be better to opt for less voluminous compositions. Take photos and show them to your trusted florist or, even better, take it with you to show them the environments.
Volume or numbers?

Did you know that choosing expensive flowers could save you money compared to buying cheaper types? Everything depends on the yield of a certain quality of flower, which is given by its volume. Larger volumes have a higher yield Beach Wedding Dresses, smaller volumes have a lower yield and will force you to buy higher quantities, with the consequence that the amount of your spending will increase. Once again, ask your trusted florist for advice ... your opinion will be of great help.
Choose colors

For furniture, as for clothing, the rule is the same: it is inadvisable to combine more than two colors. As for the flowers, we usually opt for white combined with another color and enhanced by the so-called "green" given by branches and leaves; without forgetting the fact that the shades chosen for the wedding decorations must be the same as the bride's bouquet of flowers.
Never exaggerate!

Finally, we remind you that excesses are never a good idea. Do not exaggerate with flowers, for at least two reasons: first of all for an economic question simple black bridesmaid dresses, would you really want to spend a large part of your budget for something that will last only a few days?

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