Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Did you find your short wedding dress?

 Did you find your short wedding dress? Then you will find the right inspiration here!
Who could say no to that? We hope you found IT, YOUR short wedding dress. Whether it's tulle or lace, you're sure to have a great day and an unforgettable wedding! If you are still looking for inspiration for your wedding (in a short wedding dress), then have a look at our wedding blog. There you will find tips from bride to bride, a wide variety of weddings, wonderful wedding service providers and the latest trends. As a colorful bride-to-be, you're sure to make a great wedding inspiration hairstyle there too! Because many of our short dresses love petticoats and are often worn with them at weddings and on the dance floor. Especially with the cool, voluminous petticoats made of tulle, you can add a different color accent to your bridal outfit. At the same time, you float through your wedding day even more boldly and briskly.

 Lace Elegant & Luxurious Simple Sleeveless Pleated Wedding Dress


We wish you a lot of fun with our kussdiebraut bridal wear! And regardless of whether the wedding dress is short or long, with or without sleeves, colored or white, at the registry office or in the church, please send us a picture of you in your dream dress for our Real Brides gallery afterwards. We would be very happy!


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Monday, March 7, 2022

Length Lace Fabric Vintage Wedding Dress

while browsing the catalog of wedding dresses


Bridezilla is an English neologism created by the union of bride (bride) and Godzilla (the frightening lizard of the film). This funny word indicates ironically the syndrome of the bride obsessed with her marriage: from the menu to the position of wedding favors. The syndrome is increasing the closer the wedding date and the time to send the wedding invitations (and, if you are a supplier dealing with a Bridezilla, you are sure that the wedding invitations you have just made they will have to be perfect).
 Zipper Up Princess Sweetheart Sleeveless Empire Waist Wedding Dress

Who is Bridezilla
Bridezilla is bridal planning: she is fully aware of all the organizational needs and knows exactly what to do first and what to do next, if she wants to get back on schedule. The bride with this syndrome knows how to deal with several issues at the same time: while browsing the catalog of wedding dresses 2017, she is already consulting the portal to find a hairdresser who can make a wedding hairstyle for long hair of her liking. Bridezilla is efficient and requires efficiency, the problem is that the people around her do not seem to be of the same idea.

 Elegant & Luxurious Short Sleeves Button Zipper Up Vintage Wedding Dress
The symptoms from Bridezilla
Bridezilla's symptoms are recognized in any organizational aspect of marriage. In fact, Bridezilla can spend hours choosing sophisticated formats and written participation from a supplier she has chosen and, once the result is seen, consider it unsatisfactory and decide to make do-it-yourself wedding invitations. Because Bridezilla is never satisfied, always manages to find the hair in the egg, consult the agenda every day and if there is any delay that does not depend on her ... are serious trouble.

 Mermaid Chapel Train Sleeveless Lace Empire Waist Wedding Dress
What never to say to Bridezilla
Never in life you will have to say to Bridezilla phrases like "but come on, there is time!", Because you have no idea of the toil you are doing to make you have all the comforts on your wedding day.


Sunday, March 6, 2022

Sashes Natural Waist Tulle Wedding Dress

a more elegant and austere wedding dress in Chantilly lace

 If for your wedding reportage you have already studied your bridal look that will see you protagonists with a wonderful wedding dress completed and made even more magnificent by elegant and refined bridal shoes with plateau, you can not even start to build what will be your prenuptial outfit! Probably for your wedding you have not had any doubt about the choice of jewel sandals, but this does not mean that you will have such clear ideas on what to wear on such an occasion, so here are some indispensable suggestions for you!

 Appliques Simple Knee Length Half Sleeves Cocktail Dress
Dresses with personality
Your personality will be the point from which to start. As you have opted for a simple wedding dress with a three-quarter sleeve rather than a more elegant and austere wedding dress in Chantilly lace based solely on your personality, in the same way you have to make every choice for your prenuptial service outfit based on your way of being. The set that you choose will make you feel completely at ease in order to get spontaneous and natural photos.

 Natural Waist Sleeveless Zipper Up A-Line Wedding Dress
Short dresses with floral fantasy, a little black dress, a comfortable and colorful kaftani or even a maxi dress with geometric prints could be the right choice, a choice that will only depend on you. You could also opt for something much more comfortable then with soft pants and blouse, always taking into account the season and the place where you are. One thing is for sure, leave your coats at home and show off all your beauty, you will surely be radiant!

 Ruched Romantic Simple Pleated A-Line Wedding Dress
Consistency and style
As just mentioned, the place and season of the year are fundamental for the choice of your prenuptial service look. Just as you would not choose winter wedding dresses for the month of May, it is better to avoid wearing over-gathered clothes or made in too heavy fabrics in spring or summer and vice versa too light in the colder months.

Thursday, March 3, 2022

the body with which to complete your wedding dress

 Winter weddings have a special charm and can be customized in a thousand different ways: wedding place cards in the shape of snowflakes, centerpieces decorated with branches or garlands , candles as wedding favors ... and of course a fabulous look! If you are married in winter, here are the 5 accessories for each part of the body with which to complete your wedding dress.
Gloves: the most chic accessory
Pleated Embroidery Half Sleeves Lace Fabric Wedding Dress
Wedding gloves are a very elegant accessory that you can not give up if you get married in winter. But how to choose them? If you wear a vintage wedding dress, opt for a short satin model, perhaps with embroidered edges; for a more shabby chic style, instead, the perfect gloves are short and lace. Use long gloves, in tulle or satin, only if your dress is sleeveless or short-sleeved.
Boleros and shrugs, the must-have for winter brides!
Useful both to cover the uncovered body parts and to protect themselves from the cold, the shrugs are an essential accessory if you celebrate your wedding in winter. There are many types, so you can choose the one that suits your dress. The bolero is always a good choice, because it combines well with every style and is found in a wide variety of materials, such as lace, satin , tulle or fur. For a touch of extra elegance, combine it with a side wedding hairstyle.
Chic & Modern Elegant & Luxurious Scalloped-Edge Beach A-Line Wedding Dress
If you want to keep your shoulders bare, wear a ring shrug, maybe fur, to be removed after the ceremony. If you are looking for a more romantic style, you can wear a stole or a bustier shawl, while for the more classic brides the choice can range between outerwear, cape and cape. In short, the possibilities are endless!

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

somehow forced to get a wedding dress for the occasion

 Angel's Events
Rite of ribbons or handfasting. It is made with four colored ribbons representing the elements (water, air, tera and fire). These ribbons tie the wrists of the two spouses: the symbol of their bond. Irish ritual and usually also present in typical Celtic wedding.

Tulle V-Neck Sweep Train Beading Princess Wedding Dress
Roses ceremony. The bride and groom hold two red roses in their hands and place them in a single vase; it is the first gift you exchange as a husband and wife.

Wine ritual. Two good bottles of wine and some love phrases are sealed in a box that can only be opened after a predefined number of years. Because love improves with time, like good wine.
A simple way to get married almost anywhere? The symbolic wedding! You can exchange rings in the place of your dreams, promise you love with the romantic phrases you wanted and deliver wedding favors on the most beautiful beach in the world.

Appliques Natural Waist Long Sleeves Sweetheart Lace Wedding Dress

So far we have talked about uncomfortable guests but have you ever thought about their point of view? Often an invitation can also be uncomfortable on the side of the guest , who will feel somehow forced to get a wedding dress for the occasion and make a wedding present. Evaluate this aspect too and try to invite people who really will find joy in seeing you pronounce the fateful sentences for marriage.
Decorating the wedding car is easier than it may seem, just a good dose of fantasy! In addition, you can customize the car by adapting it to the style of your wedding dress or by choosing it the same color as the wedding bouquet or shoes. In short, the possibilities are really endless!