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Bridezilla is an English neologism created by the union of bride (bride) and Godzilla (the frightening lizard of the film). This funny word indicates ironically the syndrome of the bride obsessed with her marriage: from the menu to the position of wedding favors. The syndrome is increasing the closer the wedding date and the time to send the wedding invitations (and, if you are a supplier dealing with a Bridezilla, you are sure that the wedding invitations you have just made they will have to be perfect).
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Who is Bridezilla
Bridezilla is bridal planning: she is fully aware of all the organizational needs and knows exactly what to do first and what to do next, if she wants to get back on schedule. The bride with this syndrome knows how to deal with several issues at the same time: while browsing the catalog of wedding dresses 2017, she is already consulting the portal to find a hairdresser who can make a wedding hairstyle for long hair of her liking. Bridezilla is efficient and requires efficiency, the problem is that the people around her do not seem to be of the same idea.

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The symptoms from Bridezilla
Bridezilla's symptoms are recognized in any organizational aspect of marriage. In fact, Bridezilla can spend hours choosing sophisticated formats and written participation from a supplier she has chosen and, once the result is seen, consider it unsatisfactory and decide to make do-it-yourself wedding invitations. Because Bridezilla is never satisfied, always manages to find the hair in the egg, consult the agenda every day and if there is any delay that does not depend on her ... are serious trouble.

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What never to say to Bridezilla
Never in life you will have to say to Bridezilla phrases like "but come on, there is time!", Because you have no idea of the toil you are doing to make you have all the comforts on your wedding day.


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