Wednesday, March 2, 2022

somehow forced to get a wedding dress for the occasion

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Rite of ribbons or handfasting. It is made with four colored ribbons representing the elements (water, air, tera and fire). These ribbons tie the wrists of the two spouses: the symbol of their bond. Irish ritual and usually also present in typical Celtic wedding.

Tulle V-Neck Sweep Train Beading Princess Wedding Dress
Roses ceremony. The bride and groom hold two red roses in their hands and place them in a single vase; it is the first gift you exchange as a husband and wife.

Wine ritual. Two good bottles of wine and some love phrases are sealed in a box that can only be opened after a predefined number of years. Because love improves with time, like good wine.
A simple way to get married almost anywhere? The symbolic wedding! You can exchange rings in the place of your dreams, promise you love with the romantic phrases you wanted and deliver wedding favors on the most beautiful beach in the world.

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So far we have talked about uncomfortable guests but have you ever thought about their point of view? Often an invitation can also be uncomfortable on the side of the guest , who will feel somehow forced to get a wedding dress for the occasion and make a wedding present. Evaluate this aspect too and try to invite people who really will find joy in seeing you pronounce the fateful sentences for marriage.
Decorating the wedding car is easier than it may seem, just a good dose of fantasy! In addition, you can customize the car by adapting it to the style of your wedding dress or by choosing it the same color as the wedding bouquet or shoes. In short, the possibilities are really endless!

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